A woman refused to get married and paid the wedding costs

A wedding went viral after the bride refused to get married midway through the ceremony and had to cover wedding costs in Colombia.

Jesica Avilés did not dare to start a life with Santiago Restrepo Vega and only needed a few seconds to make a decision.

The wedding took place in the municipality of Chinú (Córdoba) and all the guests were waiting for the union of this couple.

The two Colombians asked the notary to carry out this ceremony to carry out a civil marriage.

“Is it your wish to have a civil marriage with Santiago Restrepo Vega using the notarial procedure?” the woman asked the bride.

After consideration and an awkward silence, Jesica replies: “No! I don’t know because there were problems just today,” Avilés said.

The notary quickly understood what had happened and, amidst everyone’s surprise, decided to stop the ceremony.

What were your reasons?

Amidst the awkward moment they experienced, the bride decided to explain that her future father-in-law was the catalyst for this decision.

“The father doesn’t agree with this. Santiago’s father lied to me. He told me that his father was super happy that his father paid for the wedding (…) He lets his father rule him,” he said.

However, that wouldn’t be all, as Jesica also complained about her ex-father-in-law’s attitude towards her daughters.

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“How he treated my daughters when I arrived! First my children, I told you. I came and found this here…” explained the bride.

At that moment, the boyfriend decided to take away the engagement ring he had given her and Jesica agreed without objection.

In the end, the guests paid for the wedding

The wedding went viral and sparked all sorts of reactions from users, but there was another story to tell.

The groom’s parents had covered the wedding expenses and when they saw that their son had been rejected, they decided to go without canceling the organizers.

At that moment, one of the guests took a microphone and explained what was happening and suggested making a contribution to help the bride finance the wedding.

“This man was responsible for paying for everything. He had high hopes and now left the lady at the event with nothing because he had made no commitments to her,” the woman said.

In this way, this woman asked everyone to “contribute a grain of sand” with the envelopes they had brought for the bride and groom.

The guests collected the money to continue the party, this time not to celebrate the wedding but because their friend and family member was single.

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