A woman quit her job to run a pig pedicure company

Carole Germain is a woman from France who decided to quit her job at a cigarette kiosk to dedicate herself to a specific task: giving pigs pedicures.

Carole’s idea came about in 2020 when she spontaneously bought Couscous, a 60-kilogram pig that spends its days sleeping next to her in Brest, western France.

“Sleep in my bed. Well, actually I’m the one who sleeps in his bed because if I move too much he growls and even pinches me!” she told AFP.

By sharing his life with a pig, he realized his passion for these animals and that they also need care for their nails and… Why not dedicate himself fully to this topic?

Carole put her cigarette business up for sale in order to devote herself to hoof care from mid-2023 after training with a Dutch woman.

“It’s a complete success,” says Carole Germain, 46. “It’s unbelievable. I thought I was the only one who had a pig. And last but not least: No, there are couch pigs everywhere. We are miles in France.

Carole Germain travels through France to take special care of pig’s nails

On weekends and holidays, Carole travels around France with Couscous and two Italian Mastiffs in her van (called Pédichon) to provide some “wellness” to dozens of animals.

“In the south I traveled 5,500 kilometers and 43 pigs,” he says. “It’s a success and a joy.” “The people I meet are very nice and super hospitable.”

In Brest, the city where he lives, one of his customers is Scooby, an 80-pound black pig who not only gives him a pedicure, but also has his ears cleaned and his fangs filed.

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Upside down, with all four paws in the air, Scooby relaxes, struggles at times, and appears a little dazed after his grooming, which lasts less than an hour.

“It’s perfect, ready for the beach,” jokes Germain. The hooves “grow so much that the pig becomes disabled after a while,” the woman explains.

A domestic pig can live between 15 and 20 years and needs regular care. Although it may seem incredible, Germain has acquired more than 200 clients across France in just a few months.

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