A woman died after being injured in the middle of an indigenous march in Chile

The Public Assistance Emergency Hospital of Santiago confirmed that a 43-year-old woman who participated in the indigenous march this Sunday died in the afternoon while being operated on in the ward after being injured during the incidents at the end of the concentration.

Identified as Denisse Cortés, a law student and member of the Popular Defender’s Office, the woman would have received an impact on the neck that caused serious injuries, being attended first by civilian health brigades that were guarding the march, waiting of an ambulance.

Preliminary records of the Carabineros indicated that the lawyer had been shot by "Fireworks" directed against police personnel, while social organizations and the victim’s own family questioned this version pointing to the police action in the launching of tear gas.

"They were saying that maybe it was a firework for everyone, nobody believes it (..) that someone does something in this country, that the laws change, they cannot overwhelm or trample us under any point of view, anyone", declared the mother of Denisse Cortésal in the middle of Telesur on the outskirts of the exPosta Central.

"A hooded group constantly attacked Carabineros personnel with fireworks, in circumstances in which one of them hit one of the protesters who were with the Carabineros"said in a statement the General Chief of the Carabineros Metropolitan Area, Enrique Monrás.

In various videos that circulate on social networks, it can be seen that the lawyer was near a group of police officers when fireworks detonated a few meters away, followed by a tear gas shot by a Special Forces carabinier (FF.EE).

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Investigative Police (PDI), the civil police of Chile, arrived at the scene to carry out the first examinations of the case and initiate an investigation; there is still no official information that can establish the causes of death.

The news generated reactions both in social organizations and in the political world, which called for an end to repression and impunity.

"The brutal repression of FFEE in today’s march ended in the painful death of Denisse Cortés. Responsibilities should be clarified as soon as possible and why the police did not allow timely attention after being injured. Anger, sadness and outrage. Justice for Denisse", published the deputy of the Communist Party, Camila Vallejo.

"Terrible news, my condolences to his family and his community. The facts related to the sad death of Denisse Cortés must be clarified as soon as possible. No one can die for going to demonstrate", published the conventional constituent, Cristina Dorador.

It should be remembered that during the morning of this Sunday a thousand people gathered in Plaza Italia, an emblematic central point of the Chilean capital, to march in a Mapuche demonstration through the main artery of the city, an activity where 10 detainees and 18 people were reported wounds, among which was the deceased.

A few minutes later, the column was dissolved by numerous police pickets that, supported by water launchers and tear gas canisters, dispersed the attendees.


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