A woman buys an apartment and finds out weeks later that the building is to be demolished

Jamila Farah, a 51-year-old woman, bought a house in Edmonton, north of London, for £78,000 last May. The two-bedroom house represented the realization of a dream he shared with his 24-year-old son, with whom he wanted to put down roots.

However, their joy about their new acquisition was dampened just a few weeks later when they found out The entire block was in danger of being demolished due to a gas leak that was considered dangerous for residents. The president of the municipality, which consists of 17 blocks of flats and around 204 houses, announced the need to temporarily evacuate the houses.

Enfield City Council originally planned to fund the costly repairs needed to get residents back into their homes £53m to bring blocks built in the 1960s up to current safety standards. However, this option has been ruled out and instead the city council will opt to demolish the houses.

The council’s new proposal would see £250,000 paid to each affected homeowner so they can purchase another property.. This decision sparked outrage among families living in the Cheshire and Shropshire homes.

In the face of growing tensions Councilor Nesil Caliskah, leader of Enfield Council, issued a statement addressing the outrage of affected families.

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