A week has passed since the earthquake that struck Morocco and chaos continues to reign in the affected areas

It has been a week since the earthquake that shook Morocco and the United States Chaos is still installed in most affected areas. Damage is now also counted as cultural heritage, for example in the Jewish quarter of the Medina.

The “Mellah” took that the worst partHalf of their homes have been evacuated and neighbors have moved their belongings onto the street in case an aftershock might knock them over. Damage that contrasts with the bustling atmosphere of Djemaa el-Fna Square or its World Heritage medina.

This is how the wall of the Marrakech medina remains
This is how the wall of the Medina of Marrakech remains | Onda Cero/Diana Rodriguez

The most devastating damage are located in the High Atlas where hundreds of thousands of people live squalidly in canvas tents and look through the air at the sky Risk of rain. Water could cause the clay debris to compact, complicating rescue efforts and worsening the situation for survivors.

Many families say that they have lost everything: your house, your food. They were preparing for the children to go back to school and the earthquake took everything away too school supplies They had. One of those affected by the High Atlas event says they are now “miserable”.

Morocco launches an aid plan

With a view to reconstruction Morocco has activated an aid plan directly to the victims so that 50,000 damaged houses can be renovated. In a statement published by the state agency MAP, it is clarified that the idea It’s not just about repairing the damage caused “but also launch a thoughtful, integrated and ambitious program for the overall reconstruction and improvement of the affected regions, both in terms of strengthening infrastructure and improving the quality of land and public services.”

To finance this plan, it is made clear that state resources and organizations, but also open to Contributions from private and associative actorsas well as “from brotherly and friendly countries that so desire.” In this note, King Mohammed VI affirms. the “most sincere” gratitude of the Kingdom of Morocco.

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