A waitress receives a tip of $ 4,400 … then gets fired

A waitress in a restaurant in Arkansas in the United States received a particularly generous tip in early December: $ 4,400. But, a few days later, she learned of her dismissal from the establishment, in which she had worked for three and a half years. The director even threatened her with legal action, reports The Washington Post.

On December 2, a business executive used to the Over & Tap restaurant invited around thirty of his customers to a dinner. They all agreed to tip at least $ 100 each to Ryan Brandt, whose service was appreciated by this customer, who had claimed it for dinner. In total, therefore, 4,400 dollars returned to the employee. A sum that she had to share with her fellow waiter.

A pot for the licensed waitress

But the director demanded a share with the cooks. Ryan Brandt, who explained that this is not usually done, finally agreed to divide the sum even further. But that changed when she told the customer that she hadn’t received the full tip. Dissatisfied, he went to the restaurant to collect the sum and return it to the two servers.

The day the waitress was fired, the restaurant managers criticized her for her confidences to the client. The latter launched an Internet jackpot that has already raised more than $ 16,000. Worried about the media coverage of the case and the possible consequences on the reputation of the restaurant, the managers have threatened the waitress with legal proceedings. She has since found work at another restaurant.

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