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A victory as revenge and to secure leadership

A victory as revenge and to secure leadership

With morale that is through the roof after attacking the Prime Minister’s leadership with the agonizing win against Brentford, the arsenal receives the lens in the Emirates. The game is over, not only to seal a place in the round of 16 and the lead of Group B, but also to approach the three league games in seven days with greater calm than the team Arteta. A win against the French would give Arsenal qualification and first place in the groupwhich, depending on the Sevilla-PSV result, would also be worth a draw.

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The game on matchday 2 in the stadium lens It was a clear warning for the Gunners. The French won 2-1 with goals from Thomasson and Wahi, surpassing Gabriel Jesus’ first goal. The extra motivation was obvious as it was the first home duel in their first participation in the Champions League and the fans were a “plus” for Franck Haise’s men.

For this Wednesday the panorama is different. He lens arrive at Emirates with the need to achieve something positive in order to reach the final day alive in the battle with PSV for second place. Even A defeat and a win for Sevilla against PSV would leave everything open until the last matchday (except for the group lead)..

The Pay are clear to him arsenal: If they win, they will be top of the group in eighth place. If they bind and that PSV doesn’t win against him Seville, they are also classified as leaders. Defeat would put them in first place, but not first if Sevilla beat PSV. The team of Arteta He’s had enough of it, but he has to call it quits at the Emirates if he doesn’t want to risk everything in the final game against PSV. He lens He will be looking to become the first visitor to win at the Emirates this season.

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