A Van der Poel in Llodio

Van der Poel competes this Saturday in Álava. Not Mathieu but his brother David, who is not lame either. Born in Wilrijk on June 15, 1992, is a Dutch cyclist member of the Alpecin-Fenix ​​team, how could it be otherwise. Grandson of Raymond Poulidor and son of Adrie van der Poel. In fact, Mathieu always looked at himself in David’s mirror. to start pedaling. Apart from this attraction, some riders will surely be planted on the starting line. Gari Bravo (Euskaltel-Euskadi) is doing the season and it will be necessary to see if Ion Izaguirre (from Astana to Cofidis) or Gorka (from Astana to Movistar) will cheer up. Omar Fraile (from Astana to Ineos) has also been seen lately in some Basque events. The organization prefers not to provide data in this regard.

Cyclocross is back in Álava, and it does it in a big way. This Saturday, from 9 in the morning, the C-1 event in Llodio will be run. Apart from the World Cup races, you cannot organize an event of such a level on the planet. Only Elorrio (December 8) reaches the same rank. Also Pontevedra, which opened the season. The other tests are C-2 or even local. In addition, after the Galician event, it will be valid for the Spanish Cup. On Sunday, in Karrantza, you will also be able to score for this competition. But the Biscayan race will not have the international level of the Ayala appointment.

Van der Poel’s brother will be present in the fields of Ellakuri. Also runners from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Italy among other countries. Felipe Orts will not be able to attend because the race coincides with the European Championships. It will also be a very special day for the new Basque cyclocross coach, Javi Ruiz de Larrinaga from Zuyana. The Basque Federation will make it official soon. From today Friday he will be in charge of organizing a small master in the same circuit so that the youngest cyclists can take the most important tricks of this discipline.

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The Ellakuri route, predictably muddy, has a winding route of 2,750 meters. There will be several obstacles but it is clear that the pace will be more tiring than usual. In total, 700 participants in the stadium and swimming pools area. The masters will be the first to appear, the cadets at 10:50, the juniors at 12:10, the elite and under-23 women at 13:05 and the elite and under-23 men at 14:00. There will be master 30, 40, 50 and 60 in Laudio. They did not want to welcome more participants due to lack of space for the caravans. The logistics of this sport are increasingly impressive and the small towns have many problems absorbing all the cyclists and companions. In this case, about 20,000 people according to the latest population data.

José Ángel Arza is the alma mater of this cyclocross but it is the last year that he has organized it. “You have to give way to young people. I started competing, I took on responsibilities and now I’m exhausted. They can call me for whatever they want but I want to get away from the front line. In a race of this type we have about 30 collaborators but, on the day of the test, we are still 60 or 70 people helping for everything. We are very proud that a town like Laudio can organize an event like this, especially after giving up in 2020 due to the pandemic, ”said the organizer.

In addition to Llodio, there will be Álava races during this season: the next will be in Amurrio, then in Ametzaga de Zuia and, already in 2021, in the Aiala valley, near Respaldiza. Arbulu is not starting his career this year and neither is Izarra. The merit of the town of Urkabustaitz was organizing two Euskadi championships at a difficult time but then they had problems with the owners of some rustic pieces and with sponsorships and now they have given themselves some time of reflection.

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