A vaccination passport will take effect on September 1 in Quebec

Across the world, health pass equivalents are gaining ground. This Tuesday, it is Quebec’s turn to announce the establishment of a vaccine passport to fight the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, Quebecers who want to eat in a restaurant, go out to a bar, go to a gym or attend a festival must present this document as of September 1.

“Our goal with the passport is not to go back to a generalized reconfinement and, at the same time, to avoid jamming our hospitals,” explained Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé. In Canada, it is the first province to implement the vaccination passport, which will be necessary for anyone who wishes to “have access to high-traffic public events (clientele) and activities with a high rate of socialization contact.”

The provincial government must clarify in the coming weeks which specific public places will be required to require this passport, which will be required in paper or electronic format through a free application. The pilot projects will launch Wednesday in collaboration with Quebec companies to test the mobile app and prepare for the launch of the vaccine passport in three weeks.

The health crisis is not losing steam in the province. A fourth wave of Covid-19 in Quebec is, according to the minister, “inevitable” due to the Delta variant. Quebec, the second most populous province in the country after Ontario, recorded 234 new cases of Covid-19 in 24 hours on Tuesday. About 84% of Quebecers have received a first dose of vaccine and 70% are fully vaccinated. “Even if we are heading towards one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, that leaves many people unvaccinated in Quebec,” said Christian Dubé, saying he fears an abrupt resurgence of the pandemic in the fall.

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