A vacation changed Kapil Sharma’s life! Comedian did this job after returning from vacation

Kapil Sharma’s new show ‘I’m Not Done Yet’ is the subject of much discussion on social media these days. Kapil Sharma’s new show has been released on the OTT platform Netflix, in which the comedian has shared many stories from his life, which his fans may not believe after hearing. Kapil Sharma said on the Netflix show that one vacation had changed his whole life.

Kapil Sharma said on the Netflix stand-up comedy show that after he left his TV show, he started living in depression. He was trying to get out of the problem, during that time he received a call from a friend who lives in the United States. Kapil said that his friend called him to spend his vacation in Amsterdam. While sharing the anecdote, Kapil recounted that when he arrived abroad, he first saw rich people wandering around on bicycles, people sitting empty and feeding pigeons.

Kapil Sharma (Kapil Sharma Comedy Video) told in his funny way, when he talked to a foreign woman there, he asked what he does for a living, to which Kapil replied that he is an Indian comedian and his show is also on TV . Kapil (Kapil Sharma Naya Show) said while sharing the anecdote, after hearing it, the woman went silent and started doing something on her phone, then after a while, the woman said oh okay.

Kapil (Kapil Sharma Show) said that he asked her if she had checked on the internet, to which the woman replied that she had asked her Indian friend and she said: Yes, Kapil is a comedian and he ruined his show. . While sharing the anecdote, Kapil Sharma said that this surprised him and immediately after he came to India and as soon as he arrived he married Ginni Chatrath for the first time. After marrying Ginni, Kapil started the show for him once again.

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