A user installs a USB-C port on an iPhone X

Apple has started to include the Type-C USB port on some of its devices, like the recent iPad, but the iPhone still has a Lightning port.

Now a video of Youtube show to an iPhone user who installed a USB-C port on an iPhone X, replacing the Lightning port in the process.

Ken Pillnel has a degree in electronics and a master’s degree in robotics from the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School, EPFL, he notes. AppleInsider.

In the video, Pillnel states that after making the switch, The iPhone is capable of receiving power through the connection, as well as being able to perform data transfers through a USB-C cable.

Ken Pillonel reverse engineered Apple’s C94 connector to make a PCB with a female USB-C port.

He had been working on this for a few months, detailing the process on his personal blog. Last month, he was given a flexible printed circuit board and says he is preparing an upcoming video explaining how he made the board and connected it to the iPhone itself.

Not surprisingly, under Apple’s Repair Terms and Conditions, unauthorized modifications treat the device as “out of warranty” when it needs to be repaired.

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