A Turkish positive for Covid-19 for 14 months must remain in isolation

In Turkey, a man is breaking the sad record of the longest quarantine in the world. Muzaffer Kayasan has indeed been positive for Covid-19 since… November 2020, reports this Sunday the Turkish agency Anadolu Agency relayed by Ulyces.

The 56-year-old contracted the coronavirus for the first time on this date. In fragile health because he was suffering from leukemia, he was hospitalized for several weeks before being able to leave. But the caregivers then realized that the virus had not left his body.

No vaccine possible

Since November 2020, the Turk has been tested 78 times and the test has always come back positive. He is therefore forced into solitary confinement and can only see his wife and son. “The most terrible thing for me is not being able to approach my loved ones”, confides the fifty-year-old to Anadolu Agency. ” It’s very hard. »

Immunocompromised and still positive for Covid-19, the Turk unfortunately cannot be vaccinated safely. To get him out of these 14 months of isolation, the caregivers recently put him under fairly heavy treatment in the hope of seeing his condition improve.

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