A toy hospital for children with cancer

A hospital in Turkey uses electric cars instead of stretchers to transport children with epilepsy to special treatment rooms.

There is also a hospital in Kayseri, Turkey, where toys and cars are kept to entertain the children who come for treatment.

Children suffering from cancer are taken to special treatment rooms in these small vehicles powered by rechargeable batteries. These vehicles are decorated with beautiful balloons.

Director of the Pediatric Oncology Department at the hospital, Dr. Musa Karkurko, says that the facility is designed for bone marrow transplantation and treatment of children suffering from cancer.

Dr. Musa Karkurko said that we have a total of 6 vehicles for this purpose. Earlier in the hospital, children were carried on stretchers for tomography and MRI scans. Since they are now sent through these vehicles, even those children who did not want to go for treatment now go calmly and happily.

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