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A tourist suffered a panic attack on her first trip to India

Una turista sufrió un ataque de pánico en su primer viaje a la India: «Te suplico que me saquen de aquí»

Many dream of visiting countries whose cultures, customs and stories are fascinating. India is one of these most popular places for tourism and it’s exactly an area that Mateo, an Argentinian influencer, has always dreamed of getting to know.

Mateo and Lisana are a couple who have a YouTube channel dedicated to tourism. There they publish each of their adventures, some more fun than others, but none of their experiences took such an unexpected turn as their trip to India.

The couple had only been in the country a few hours when they encountered a culture very different from their own. They found hustle and bustle, pollution, traffic chaos, overcrowding and animals that they would rarely see on the streets in the western world.

Lisana, a European, couldn’t take the culture shock and upon arrival at the hotel suffered a panic attack that caused her to collapse and cry uncontrollably. His reaction went around the world.

“There’s dog poop, dogs barking, spit, I don’t know… It’s all there,” Lissana said, while Mateo tried to calm her down and suggested she leave the country before her situation got worse.

“If you think it’s too much and you can’t, we’ll go.” “You’re not forced to stay anywhere,” Mateo told her.

Lissana apologized to her boyfriend because she knew one of his dreams was to visit India, but the panic attack was enough to take a flight asap and take care of her sanity. A few hours later, the couple left the country.

The reactions are found in networks

The video, in which Lissana had a panic attack due to her visit to India, went viral on the networks within hours. And as always, it evoked mixed reactions from the audience.

Along with the debate on the networks came attacks on the couple because many people felt that Mateo and Lissana were criticizing India. The harassment was so great that they had to remove his video from TikTok.

Hours later, the couple uploaded a video clarifying that it was never their intention to attack Indian culture.

“The intention of this video was never to offend anyone, neither India nor its people nor its traditions. “We apologize if it sounded that way, it wasn’t our intention,” they said. “Our intention is always to show the reality of our lives: good moments but also difficult moments.”

“I wasn’t mentally prepared and that’s normal. You never know how you will react to different situations. It triggered a phobia in me that something could happen to me. “It’s an anxiety issue that you can see, but it convinces you and makes the issue in your head bigger than it really is,” Lissana said. “It creates clutter for me. It overwhelms me and I lose control of my life.


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