A total of 120 detained in protests against judicial reform in Israel

Jerusalem (BLAZETRENDS) security forces, as reported today by the organizing groups of the mobilizations.

Last night, the most massive demonstrations of the so-called “Day of Resistance” against the controversial plan promoted by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu were recorded in several cities, in a whole day of roadblocks, marches throughout the country and a large protest outside Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport.

The nightly mobilizations were registered in cities such as Haifa, Beersheva and Jerusalem, while the largest protest that brought together tens of thousands of people was in the center of Tel Aviv, where the demonstrators tried to block the highway that crosses the center of the city. city, which caused the Police to intervene to prevent it, also using water cannons.

During the day, the Police arrested dozens of people accused of “violating public order”, while anti-reform groups appealed for civil disobedience actions, although many protesters were released shortly after their arrest.

Protests in Tel Aviv
With a deafening noise, the massive protests in Israel against the government’s judicial reform returned to the Tel Aviv international airport. BLAZETRENDS / Yemeli Ortega

According to its detractors, the judicial reform of the Government – the most right-wing in the country’s history – ends the separation of powers, reduces the powers of the Justice, removes powers from the Supreme Court and leads Israel towards autocracy.

As part of the plan, the coalition achieved a bill that ends the reasonableness doctrine, which allows the Supreme Court to review and revoke government decisions based on whether they are reasonable or not, at first reading in Parliament early Tuesday morning. , one of the pillars of judicial reform.

While the Government remains willing to advance in the processing of the reform, the anti-reform movements persist in the massive protests and military reservists warn that they will not report for duty in the Army if the plan is carried out.

Given this, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warned yesterday that the reservists’ threat not to report for duty “harms Israel’s security” and benefits the country’s enemies.

“I call on public figures on the right and left to get politics out of the Army,” Gallant urged.

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