A total of 1,150 cyclists participate this Sunday in the VI Gran Fondo BIBE Transbizkaia

The ‘VI Gran Fondo BIBE Transbizkaia’ cycling event and its Media Fondo will be held this Sunday, June 4. The Sanctuary of Urkiola, after leaving Durango at 8 o’clock -Landako Gunea-, awaits again in a beautiful route with 1,150 cyclists, after the test recovered last year after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. The Gran Fondo will have its 179 kilometers (eight ports -Kanpazar, Ixua, Milloi, Astorkigane, Sollube, Gerekiz, Montecalvo and Urkiola) and 3,500 meters of positive slope, while the defendant Media Fondo will have a distance of 122 kilometers and 2,445 meters of positive slope (six ports). From the organization of the test, road safety and good behavior on the road are affected.

Since its birth, the squad of participants has been very outstanding year after year in this test. In 2016, the first edition was kicked off with 500 cyclists who decided to test the hardness of the asphalt in the Gran Fondo BIBE Transbizkaia. It was a first edition in which only the long distance of 179 kilometers was pedaled. Later, the organization was authorized to implement in the second edition the distance of the Media Fondo with a total of 122 kilometers. From here, the squad of penitents to the Urkiola Sanctuary has been growing gradually in recent editions. It is a controlled growth in favor of the quality of the services offered to the participants.

Cyclists from all the autonomous communities will take part (mostly from Bizkaia and after Gipuzkoa and Álava, with the participation of athletes from Madrid, Navarra, La Rioja, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Cantabria or Barcelona…), as well as participants from France, Germany , UK and the Netherlands.

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On this sixth anniversary, there will be more than a thousand cyclists who, between both distances, will experience the saw teeth of a demanding profile that will mark their memory with an unforgettable experience.

· Gran Fondo distance: 179 kilometers | 3550m/d+ | 8 ports

· Average Bottom Distance: 122 kilometres| 2,500 m/d+ | 6 ports

The Great Fund BIBE Transbizkaia is another of the actions of the BIBE movement. In 2014 the concept of BIBE was born, inaugurating its history of activities with the 1st Bilbao International Bike Exhibition Fair. It was a successful event attended by more than 18,000 people, during its three days of celebration, and for which in 2015 it received the first award of the prestigious Evento-Plus awards.

The Gran Fondo y Media Fondo BIBE Transbizkaia, was born as the first long-distance event in Bizkaia since the Jesús Loroño Classic Cycling Tour stopped being organized. Its layout recalls that test organized by the Bilbao Cycling Society that was held between 1992 and 2003. It is an epic march that was consolidated as one of the largest and toughest in the state. That route was made in memory of the cyclist Jesús Loroño, one of the mythical Basque athletes of the 50s. The start is always from the very door of the “Landako Gunea” fair in Durango, culminating the route with the ascent to the Sanctuary of Urkiola.

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