A thief throws himself into the sea to try to escape the police

Thefts are commonplace in Barcelona (Spain). Saturday, the Catalan police, the Mossos, have, not without difficulty, arrested a thief who had just operated on the beach of the Fòrum, reports El Periodico.

Caught in the act of robbing a bather, the man tried to escape by sea. He then took refuge on the breakwater, made up of concrete blocks. There, the suspect tried to repel the police by throwing stones at them.

An open investigation

The police did not back down, the thief jumped into the water. Then began an incredible chase for more than three minutes, says Equinox. Pursued by the police boat, the man again posted himself on the concrete blocks. The police were finally able to arrest him and put an end to this perilous operation which was attended by a hundred bathers on the beach.

According to our colleagues, the suspect was taken care of by a medical team. The police did not give details of the circumstances of the events or the identity of the thief. An investigation has been opened.

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