A teacher says young people are being overprotected

The new generations have grown up with different methods of upbringing and education than their parents, but many dare to say that these young people grew up overprotected.

A Spanish teacher sparked a debate on the networks after sharing a video on TikTok in which she described her experiences with high school students. The teacher appeared and asked, “Don’t you feel that we are overly protective of young people?”

Mathematics teacher Lauri assured that the pressure that adolescents face is completely different than that exerted on young people of another generation and that is why they no longer make any effort.

“We have to teach them to try hard, that things are hard to achieve and that they won’t give you anything in life.” “If you cry over failure, nothing will happen,” he said.


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In this way, she reflected, the current education system ensured that many young people relaxed and often received help passing a course.

“In the end, we ourselves make sure that they don’t have to struggle,” he said, emphasizing that these young people will face a hard life when they grow up.

The teacher asks to educate strong people

Lauri Teacher also dared to say that these young people will face a very complex life because of the upbringing and training they have received.

“It’s just as important to fall as it is to know how to get up, and that’s why they have to learn it now… They have to learn that you have to have the strength to get up, and you learn that little by little,” he said .

This math teacher concluded that it was important to start training future-ready people. In addition, they are able to address and solve problems.

“We need to raise strong people from a young age so that they have a strong personality that allows them to overcome problems.” “I don’t think we will become strong people if we help them and push them so much,” he said.

In fact, many have used the term “glass generation” to describe young people who have demonstrated emotional fragility and need constant protection.

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In addition, these are young people who are sensitive to reality and have difficulty finding work; but many have argued that it is actually a misunderstood generation.

In fact, many Generation Z parents are part of the generation

The debate between generations is open and arguments from all parties about overprotected young people have taken hold on social networks.

How much do you believe in the criticism of Generation Glas?

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