A Taiwanese shipping company made its employees rich

A Taiwanese shipping company made its employees profit-sharing and enriched them with bonuses equal to four years’ salary.

It is seen in the world that many organizations earn billions of trillions of dollars in annual profits, but the employees who play an important role in their profits do not have any benefit, but a Taiwanese shipping company added employees to its profits for the world. An exemplary example has been set.

The last year has been a great business year for shipping company Evergreen Marine Corporation, and it’s paying off for its employees as well. The company has announced a bonus equivalent to four years’ salary to its employees.

According to Bloomberg, a person familiar with the matter said that the Taipei-based shipping company is offering bonuses equal to 50 months’ salary, or an average of more than four years’ salary.

“The value of the bonus varies depending on the employee’s job grade and function and is only for those who have a contract in Taiwan,” the person said on condition of anonymity.

Evergreen Marine’s generosity is a result of the unprecedented growth of the shipping industry over the past two years. While the demand for consumer goods increased due to the epidemic, there was also an increase in freight fares.

The company’s revenue for the year ended is expected to increase to 20.7 billion dollars, which is more than 3 times the profit of the year 2020.

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