Home World A Swedish-Iranian was hanged in Tehran

A Swedish-Iranian was hanged in Tehran

Iran executed a Swedish-Iranian dual citizen on charges of terrorism.

According to international media reports, Iran has executed a Swedish-Iranian who led an Arab separatist group accused of carrying out the attacks.

Convict Habib Farajullah Chab was also accused of carrying out an armed attack during a military parade in 2018 that killed 25 people.

State broadcaster IRIB reported the execution on Saturday and said that the culprit was hanged early in the morning.

Iran said that in 2020 its security forces arrested Chab, who was based in Sweden, from Turkey and transferred him to Tehran.

Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Bullström at Chab’s execution "”Disappointment,” he said, adding that his government had asked Iran not to act.

He said the death penalty was an inhuman and irreversible punishment and Sweden, along with the rest of the European Union, condemned its application in all circumstances.

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