Barça, who had won three Supet Globes in a row and was the current champion, has handed over the title to Magdeburg after signing one of their worst matches in recent years (against Kiel in 2020 would be the other), stunned in attack, clueless in defense, and outmatched at all times by an obvious lack of concentration: 28-33 (16-19).

You had to rub your eyes to identify Barça, which at times was not the passionate of so many years. Example: at 22-26 in the 40th minute, he needed 5 attacks! to score: in three he lost the ball, a quarter slipped out of the pivot’s hands at launch, and Mem scored in the fifth. That in the Spanish League is worth it, but at the high level it is impossible.

In this edition of 2021, in Saudi Arabia, Barça has not been the solid team of other years. What if the relief on the bench, what if new concepts, what if the injuries. But the truth is that infallible players in the extreme or from the penalty position are now out of shape (Fernández and Gómez), pivots with pincers now have butter hands (Fabregas), and everything remains in the hands of Dika Mem (9 goals) in attack.

But the problem is that Barça defends badly at the moment, they are outmatched due to lack of forcefulness in their 6-0, and with a 5-1 still out of tune. And if, in addition, in attack it is perceived with an impatience of an inferior team, everything becomes impossible, as in this final against a serious, rocky team, with good ball movement.


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