Router Network recently organized a study to assess user satisfaction with system updates on their smartphone. The results show a higher satisfaction in the Android universe than in the iOS side.

We all know that iOS has a longer lifespan than Android. This phenomenon indicates greater satisfaction in this universe of users, however, the results of this study show the opposite.

Android users are quicker to install new updates

The study in question was recently conducted in the United States. 1,000 Samsung and Apple smartphone users were surveyed to try to understand their feelings towards the availability of new updates for their respective operating systems.

It may surprise some, but those who are most satisfied with the respective updates live in the Android universe. 47% of these users admit to immediately updating their equipment, while 43% of iOS users show a similar desire.

This shows a greater caution on the part of iOS users about the effects that this update can bring. The fear of instabilities leads more users in the Apple universe to postpone the installation of the new update.

For the majority of respondents (38%) it is the prospect of bugs that holds them back the most when upgrading their smartphones. Not far behind is the lack of time to carry out this task, with 37% of those surveyed justifying their decision in this way.

Study listened to users of high-end equipment

It is important to note that these results were obtained by surveying owners of state-of-the-art equipment. A market band where system updates are more frequent.

In fact, it was found that 98% of Samsung Galaxy S21 users are already running the latest version of their software. Already “only” 91% of iPhone 13 users are in the same situation, which shows the greater reluctance of Apple users.

In terms of a positive experience with this update, again it’s the Android segment that wins. 78% of the most satisfied users own a Galaxy S21, while only 67% of iPhone 13 users report a similar feeling.

Android vs. iOS

Even Samsung Galaxy S10 users (73%) are more satisfied with their updates than those with an iPhone 13. As a general rule, Android users surveyed in this survey are more satisfied with the new features coming to their devices.

The reason for these responses can be motivated by various parameters, such as the impact of new operating system features on daily use. In any case, this study reveals that the longevity of major updates does not imply greater satisfaction with the new features implemented in each release.


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