A study ratifies the relevance of human relationships for Hispanics

human relationships are "fundamental" in the lives of 74% of Hispanics, while 78% highlight technology as a multiplier to build and maintain them with quality, according to a report that studied human connections published this Wednesday.

Some 8,000 people from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Brazil participated in the study "The importance of human connections"prepared by Telefónica, which sought to study human relationships and how they are a source of well-being and happiness.

"The quality of our relationships with other people makes a difference in keeping us healthy and living longer. People in warmer relationships are healthier and live longer lives"pointed out the psychiatrist, researcher and professor at Harvard University Robert Waldinger, who participated in the presentation of the study.

The report was carried out two years after the start of the pandemic, "when technology has been essential for people to continue with their daily lives"reads a statement that accompanies the survey.

78% of those interviewed think that technology helps "much" Y "quite" to maintain quality relationships and 67% think that social networks also play an important role.

The study highlights video calls, which increased during the pandemic, and are still a mechanism to stay connected for 1 in 4 participants.

Spain differs from the South American countries by indicating that "be connected" it is positive for 61% of those interviewed, compared to 78% who think so in Brazil and 76% in Peru.

This difference has to do with the importance that Spaniards give to disconnecting, which is so for 91%, a figure much higher than that of the rest of Ibero-Americans who range between 66% and 76%.

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The partner and children is the most important communication group in the participating countries, except for Brazil where the family of origin is more relevant.

Another of the conclusions reached by the study is that, for men, the group of the partner and children and that of close friends is more significant, while for women the family of origin continues to be the priority.

Regarding the number of quality relationships that each Hispanic individual considers having, 4.26 people is the average for each respondent.

Respect and trust are the values ​​that the population prioritizes in relationships before others such as honesty, loyalty and freedom.

"The importance of human connections" shows how selective Hispanics consider themselves when it comes to building personal ties: Chile and Colombia are the most selective countries (both at 86%), followed by Argentina (81%), Mexico (77%) and Peru (75%) .

"Talking about connections usually leads us to think about technology, but now that life is more digital we know that it is people who give meaning to technology and that the most important connections are human ones"concluded the executive director of Telefónica Hispanoamérica, Alfonso Gómez Palacios.

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