A student committed suicide by shooting a fellow student in the university

Uttar Pradesh: A young student at a university in India shot a fellow student and committed suicide.

According to Indian media reports, a student studying BA third year Sociology at Shiv Nadar University in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, shot and killed his fellow student, after which the accused student also shot himself. Killed.

According to the report, the university student was a resident of Kanpur and the student Anuj was a resident of Amroha. .

The procession returned to the strange behavior of the bride

According to media reports, after this meeting, Anuj shot the girl with a pistol, who was rushed to the hospital where doctors declared her brought dead. Anuj then ran away and went to the boys’ hostel and shot himself, dying on the spot.

Police said that Anuj and the fellow student were already good friends, who had been having a dispute for some time.

The police said that the entire incident took place inside the college campus, which the police is investigating in every way.

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