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A stratospheric Shannon Evans saves Coosur Betis

Shannon Evans, del Coosur Betis.

The victory that Coosur Real Betis achieved this Tuesday against Gran Canaria (93-86) mathematically sealed the salvation of the Verdiblanco teambased on the great performances of its Equatorial Guinean base Shannon Evans, who once again exhibited herself with 28 points, 17 assists and a PIR of 39.

The Gran Canarians, for their part, put up resistance thanks to their shooters Slaughter and Ennis, twenty-one points apiece, but they were unable to contain their rival’s star and suffered a defeat that It prevents them from securing access to the playoffs, which they will have to tie up with a victory over Real Madrid on the last day.

The island team starred in a storming exit thanks to their success from the perimetersince five of his first six baskets were triples (in eight attempts) and thus he gained an early advantage that forced the local coach, Luis Casimiro, to request a timeout (8-18, min. 7)

The yellow team’s income vanished in the first five minutes of the second period due to an 11-2 run based on Wiley’s good minutesEvans’ favorite assist receiver, but a couple of three-pointers by Andrew Albicy gave him a certain lead at halftime (39-45).

Four points and an assist from Shannon Evans restored the tie (45-45) As soon as the third period began, it was spectacular for the Verdiblancos (29-11) because their base was undetectable by Porfirio Fisac’s players, who had him defended, in vain, by up to four different players.

The Betis point guard managed his team’s advantage in the final period, in which only Ennis’ points breathed life into the visitors, who they exchanged baskets until they came within seven points (80-75, min. 37) after Khalifa Diop made a colossal one-handed dunk.

Nevertheless, Evans continued his display to score the next nine points for his teamwho did not see a victory that was sealed by Mike Torres with a triple with half a minute to go in which it was Evans’ 17th assist of the night, a record for this edition of the Endesa League.



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