CALIFORNIA: A storm of robberies erupted in various cities of the US state of California, three days in a row.

According to the details, 80 people stormed the Nordstrom store in California on Saturday, looted the goods in one minute and fled, the robbers also tortured three employees and filled the goods and money after spraying the peppers. They took the bag and ran away.

The incident took place at Walnut Creek, with looters wearing masks to conceal their identities, and several vehicles waiting for them on the road to escape, which also blocked traffic on the road.

Police described the incident as a “clear organized incident” and arrested three suspects on various charges, including robbery, conspiracy, theft, possession of property and possession of weapons.

Eyewitnesses said that more than 25 vehicles had blocked the road during the incident. Video of the robbery has also surfaced in which the robbers are running on the road with bags and boxes of stolen goods before entering their vehicles.

Earlier Friday night, looters broke into Louis Vuitton’s store in San Francisco’s Union Square and stole jewelry. According to police, several groups of looters ransacked and looted stores such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Blooming Dale in the suburbs and Union Square, a popular shopping district full of holiday shoppers.

Police say similar scenes were repeated Sunday in jewelry, eyeglass and clothing stores in the cities of Hayward and San Jose, where looters broke into a large number of stores and looted.

It should be noted that these robberies have taken place at a time when the future of policing in the major cities of the United States is being hotly debated. The governor of California has announced that police officers will now be deployed in large numbers around high-traffic shopping malls following a series of large-scale robberies at major stores throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Ben Dugan, president of the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail, says organized thefts cost the retailers about ً 65 billion a year, and mob robberies are now a national phenomenon.



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