A spectacular Robertson does not prevent a new Baskonia triumph

The return to single competition has given a special energy to the Cazoo. He no longer has to travel to Tel Aviv or Istanbul and he no longer has to dose Hommes, whose knee is badly affected by the pace of matches. The 34-9 of the first quarter made it clear that the Buesa Arena team will fight for first place and that he will be a serious candidate to win the league. “What I don’t want is for them to feel comfortable and play fluently”Moncho Fernández said in the preview. Well, with four minutes to go before the break, the Basques were above digit 50.

Baskonia entered the game with Sedekerskis out and Enoch discarded, just like in Tenerife on Sunday. The Galicians recovered Edgar Vicedo, with discomfort in his calf, but lost Thomas Scrubb, who did not even travel due to his recent paternity. The initial 5-0 already predicted a complex afternoon for the people from A Coruña. With 11-4, Moncho called the first timeout and, with 18-4 two minutes later, the second. The people from Vitoria struck in attack with good percentages, rebounded and caused losses to the Monbús. Max Heidegger left at the end of the first installment with 14 points.

The only offensive player at the Obradoiro was Blazevic but, in the second quarter, he found inspiration from Robertson who swelled to hit three pointers. “It’s on fire. Don’t you realize? Peñarroya told his players. You have to defend him…”. And that Dani Díez was also very lucky in the foreign pitches in that second act. In the 13th, the game was 43-19 but the real partial of the second installment was 24-31. The Galicians defended better (zone 2-3 on several occasions) and began to see hoops. From winning by 25 to going to the locker room with an 18-point difference.

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The third quarter began with two points from Blazevic in front of 6,447 people. In fact, those from Santiago came close to 8 points in minute 26 (65-57). Peñarroya was getting desperate and Robertson kept looking for personal record numbers. It was to his great credit that Moncho Fernández’s team returned to the duel after the blow in the first quarter. But he woke up, got up and hit effectively. Was when The monster reacted and punished its rival again. He was not willing to sell his home to the Compostelas and the third quarter ended with an accurate 78-63 score after a technique to the visitor’s bench.

The final staging was good for the people from Alava who were up, again, 20 with 83-63. There were eight minutes to go and that was definitive. Maik Kotsar saw an unsportsmanlike action and Howard, with little presence in the game, suffered for his weak defense. Peñarroya was the protagonist, one more day when it came to asking challenges which then does not win. He loses his turn and gets very bad milk. Robertson blew up the bench (44 points) and Costello will pay for the pizzas for making the 100th point. The people of Vitoria, despite their disconnections, have become a truly fearsome team. They only have one goal: the league.

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