A Special Commission of active pilots is created

The President of the CDA of the Argentine Automobile Club, In the last meeting of the board of directors that he chairs, he proposed the formation of a Commission of Pilots in activityso that they contribute their experience and ability to the improvement of motor sports.

The proposal was approved unanimously by the members of the CDA, and will be communicated to pilots of all the categories supervised by the entity so that the representatives of said commission can be selected.

In this sense, the leader Carlos Garcia Remohi noted: “I am very pleased with the support of the members of the CDA for this decision, which is in line with what the FIA ​​does, and the special initiative that Formula Renault drivers join this commission on a rotating basis, so that they are also trained in the institutional participation. To this decision we are adding a special invitation to each of the meetings to a pilot of the Federations of the interior to integrate them into the knowledge of the national activity”.

On the other hand, the authorities of all national categories were convened for next week, in order to review what has been done and everything related to the 2023 season schedule.

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