A snake came out in the school lunch, dozens of children were in bad condition

A snake came out of the food given to the school children, which worsened the condition of dozens of children.

The incident took place in Kolkata, the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal, where a snake was found in the mid-day meal of children in a primary school in Biraphum district.

Dozens of children started vomiting after eating the food and were taken to the hospital where they were given immediate medical attention.

The food preparation employee claimed that a snake was found in the pot full of lentils, which poisoned the food and worsened the condition of the children.

Taking action on the incident, the authorities have suspended the district inspector of the primary school and ordered an inquiry while the parents of the affected children surrounded the headmaster’s car and vandalized it and expressed their anger.

Doctors of Rampur Hot Medical College say that the condition of all the children is out of danger and they have been discharged.

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