A Slovenian arrested for being vaccinated 7 times to sell covid passports

A Slovenian citizen has been arrested for having received seven doses of vaccines against covid-19, five of them paid for by people who wanted to get a covid passport, local media reported today.

"The person in question received small amounts of money from four suspects, who took advantage of his difficult social situation and prompted him to commit this crime, without caring about his health"a police spokesman reported, according to the Dnevnik newspaper.

In addition to the detainee, there are four other people who have been reported for paying to be vaccinated on his behalf.

That source warned that the falsification of documents can carry penalties of up to three years in prison.

The person in question was arrested when he was trying to get vaccinated for the eighth time, with documents from another person.

The arrested person received the seven previous vaccines in various medical centers in the country, twice with his own documentation, and five times with that of others.

Medical authorities have not yet reported on the possible health consequences of a multiple inoculation.

Already last September it was reported that people in serious social situation in Slovenia were vaccinated with other people’s documentation in exchange for money, but these rumors were not confirmed.

The daily Delo reported rumors in September about a heroin addict who had allegedly been vaccinated 23 times for others.


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