A sharp rise in farmer suicides in India

Due to the failed economic policies of the Modi government in India, there has been a sharp increase in farmer suicides.

According to media reports, 1403 farmers committed suicide from 2012 to February 2023 and the state of Punjab is at the top.

A total of 314 farmers committed suicide in Punjab and 14 farmers committed suicide within 25 days last year.

It is followed by the state of Haryana where at least 23 farmers have ended their lives in the last 5 years.

Farmers are committing suicide due to government loans and financial difficulties. India’s opposition party, Congress, has taken the Modi government seriously on this.

Amarinder Singh, president of Congress Punjab, says that the Modi government is punishing the farmers for voting for you. The government is not fulfilling the promises it made due to which the condition of the farmers is getting worse day by day.

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