A serious threat to New York!

The American city of New York has faced such a serious threat that has endangered the lives of millions of residents of this city.

According to foreign media, in the new research conducted in the United States, this horrible revelation has come out that New York is slowly sinking into the sea and the reason for this is humans.

According to the research, the weight of the tallest buildings in New York is increasing the sea level here, as a result of which the sea is slowly swallowing this modern and business city of America.

According to the report, New York’s sea level is rising by one to two millimeters per year, while some areas are sinking at a rate of 2.75 millimeters per year.

The researchers estimated the weight of all buildings in New York City at about 842 million tons, and the study warned that new buildings in the city could increase the risk of flooding and highlighted the need to adopt strategies in this regard.

What are the threats to the British Parliament building?

Research by the U.S. Geological Survey shows that New York City’s more than 8 million residents may face an increased risk of flooding, with every building built on a beach, river or lake facing future flood risks. I can add more.

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