A scuffle between the guests during the talk show

A TV program in Ukraine began to show the scene of intense fighting when the heat between the two guests reached its climax.

A journalist participating in a talk show on the crisis between Ukraine and Russia attacked a guest belonging to the opposition party. After that, there was a handshake between the two men.

The altercation erupted when journalist Yuri Botosov approached politician Nestor Schفfresch and slapped him in the face. The two men got into a heated argument with each other.

Earlier in the day, when politician Nestor Schفfresch was asked if Russian President Vladimir Putin was a “culprit”, Schwartz denied the Kremlin’s condemnation and declined to comment.

Addressing the people, the guest journalist said that there is a Russian agent among us in the studio. It should be noted that Shofresh belongs to the opposition party in Ukraine. This party is sympathetic to Russia.

When the debate escalated, journalist Yuri Botosov got up from his seat, approached Shofresh, and suddenly put his hand over his face. He then dropped the shofresh on the ground and printed them as wrestlers do with each other in a wrestling arena.

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