A school removed mirrors from the bathrooms to prevent TikToks from being recorded

An American school made a drastic decision by removing the mirrors installed in the bathrooms to prevent its students from recording TikToks.

Thousands of young people live on social networks, watch and share content so much that they can spend several hours a day in front of screens.

This could impact the way children and young people relate to each other on these platforms and adopt the stereotypes that are spread there.

In this way, the Southern Alamance Middle School Institution decided to set boundaries in a special way by removing the mirrors where its students record videos.

The measure sparked controversy

This North Carolina high school noticed that its students were spending long periods of time in the bathrooms recording videos on TikTok.

«On average, students go to the toilet three to four times a day. “Some wanted to leave more often and stayed longer than five minutes or longer,” a letter to parents said.

With this in mind, the policy decided to remove the mirrors and has since noticed that the number of times students go to the bathroom has decreased significantly.

Curiously, it was decided to make some changes to the infrastructure instead of mobile phones.

Additionally, parents expressed concerns about the possibility of their phones being taken away, as they felt this was important for safety reasons.

“We strive to limit distractions so students can focus on learning,” the guidelines say.

However, the school has also introduced an electronic permission system to know where students are when they leave the classroom.

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The measures taken by this school to remove mirrors from the bathrooms have caused controversy and extensive debate on social networks.

Some opposed restricting students’ freedoms, while others supported these decisions.

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