a scandinavian final

a scandinavian final

There are three countries that make up the Scandinavian Peninsula: Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Today, these last two, will face each other (20:30) in the European final in Ljubljana (Slovenia). At the beginning of the tournament they were two of the great favorites to play this match, with the permission of France, who will play for bronze against Montenegro (17:45). And they complied.

For more inri, It will be the second time they meet in this tournament, since in the second phase the Danes (29-31) beat the Norwegians in the duel that both had to avoid France in the semifinals. Historically, it is difficult to beat the same opponent twice in a tournament, and that is what Denmark will try against Norway, the great dominator.

Of the last nine European Championships played, the Norwegians have lifted the title in seven (they have eight). Denmark, for its part, was the great dominator at the beginning of this competition, back in 1994, with three golds (those it has) in the first five dates. Norway goalkeeper Katrine Lunde warns: “I hope we learned the lesson from the last game against them.” “We will give everything for our country”, says the Danish Jörgensen. The final will be refereed by the Spaniards Mata and Bustamante.


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