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A Savoyard company invents greener snow cannons for resorts

In Auvergne, the Super-Besse resort has been equipped with snow cannons that consume less water than the classic models. An innovation developed by a Savoyard company. #IlsOntLaSolution

The use of snow cannons has been debated for many years in the massifs. Used to compensate for the lack of snow, especially in mid-mountain ski resorts, snow cannons are also very greedy in water and energy. A strong environmental footprint, frowned upon by many supporters of a greener mountain, when it is precisely global warming that leads to a decrease in snow cover at altitude.

The Savoyard company We Snow provides a technological solution to this problem by developing snow cannons that consume less water. They can also turn into heat pumps by transforming the exhaust air. In Auvergne, the Super-Besse resort has installed some at the bottom of its domain at an altitude of 1300 meters. “Knowing that this equipment is dedicated to being on the snow front, kindergarten, return to resort, beginner slopes, we will always be closer to potentially heatable premises than if we were to install them 150 meters in the middle of the station”, explains Michaël Rota, associate director of We Snow.

His partner at We Snow, Didier Speck, explains in more detail how this innovation works. “Through a whole system of valves, we recover this energy. We bring it into these plate heat exchangers to form a water loop. This water loop is like a heat pump”. While waiting for the first negative temperatures to run these famous snow cannons.

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