A Russian missile may have hit near a Samsung R&D building

It has been reported that A Russian missile crashed next to a large civilian building that houses Samsung’s R&D office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

This is one of the company’s largest R&D offices in Europe and the company’s regional headquarters. There appears to be damage to the building and some people are injured, but we hope most people are safe.

A series of images in twitter they show a lot of dust and smoke in the air around the building. The extent of damage to the building is unclear at this time.


Samsung was one of many global companies that restricted their operations in Russia after the invasion. The company announced in March of this year that it would stop selling phones, chipsets and other products in Russia.

This was an important decision for Samsung as it represents more than 30% of the Russian smartphone market. The company also temporarily suspended the operation of its television factory in Kaluga, near Moscow.

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