Home World A Russian attack in Odessa leaves one dead and 22 injured

A Russian attack in Odessa leaves one dead and 22 injured

An attack on the 21st against a grain warehouse in Odessa.


“On the night of July 22-23, Russian troops launched another massive attack on the territory of Odessa and the region. At 04:00, it was established that one person was killed and 22 others, including four children, were injured as a result of the enemy shelling of the city of Odessa,” the National Police stated on Telegram.

The fatal victim is a man born in 1974 and the injured minors are 11, 12 and two of them, 17 years old, he adds.

According to the police, civil infrastructure facilities, apartment blocks and private residential buildings and cars were damaged.

Many houses have damaged facades and roofs and broken windows, the report adds.

The Transfiguration Cathedral, in the center of the city, was also damaged, where a fire broke out.

The Ukrainian Air Force reported that Russian troops fired 19 missiles of various types, of which Ukrainian air defense forces managed to shoot down nine.

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