Kelly Meafua, player of the rugby team of the city of Montauban, in the French second division, He died on the night of Friday to Saturday when he jumped from a bridge into the Tarn river when he was celebrating with other companions the victory of a few hours before against the Narbonne. In a message posted on its Facebook page, the Montauban Sports Union (USM) reported the death of Meafua, who was 31 years oldand spoke of what happened as a “drama” that has surprised everyone.

Firefighters were alerted early in the morning to go in aid of two men who had apparently jumped into the river after leaving a nightclub. A witness quoted by the newspaper La Dépêche said that after the first jumped into the water, the second did the same to try to help him. The witness explained that he restrained a third member of the group, who was drunk, and that he was also going to jump. Firefighters rescued the rugby player, Christopher Vaotoa, 25, who was on a shore in a state of hypothermia, who was taken to hospital in Montauban.

Meafua’s body could only be recovered two hours later. He will undergo an autopsy to determine the causes of death and determine if there were traces of alcohol or other drugs in his body.. Originally from Samoa, he had come to France in 2015 to continue his sports career.


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