A revolutionary GM for an evolutionary Cardano-based DeFi

DeFi continues to show the world that the future of finance will forever change from its old and traditional form developed by solving the problems individuals and institutions face with mainstream banks. ADALend continues the series of innovations in DeFi under the leadership of its GM. Javed Khattak, a Qualified Actuary (FIA), an award-winning C-suite executive and a successful serial entrepreneur who was named CFO of the Year in 2018 by Wealth & Finance magazine, named in the top 20 individuals behind ICOs in 2017 , a track record of financial ingenuity and excellence.

The Future of DeFi Leadership

ADALend’s GM has a better background to address the issues facing the DeFi ecosystems that are plagued by professionals dealing more with programming and less with financing.

The number of individuals who depend on DeFi projects to store and maintain their savings is increasing every day. Someone who knows about actuarial science leading ADALend is a rare asset, with a new set of skills that bring a unique flavor to the DeFi space.

A good base

Javed Khattak advises governments, central banks, startups and global household brands, some worth more than €117 billion, such as HSBC; and other successful projects that he has led and currently manages brilliant in terms of technological applications.

As the world moves closer to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Javed’s understanding of finance will begin to bridge the gap between traditional ecosystems and the inevitable future called DeFi.

Bright future for ADALend

ADALend is working to become a pioneer in ADA-based Defi systems and will strive to continue to deliver a complete financial system that will propel the company into a bright future.

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