A renowned surfer from Mar del Plata died in Mexico

The surfer from Mar del Plata Carlos Di Pace died at the age of 48 for causes that are being established while practicing the sport on a beach in Mexico, which caused a commotion in the environment and sad farewells through social networks.

According to the newspaper “La Capital” of Mar del Plata, Di Pace’s death occurred in the Boca de Pascuales beach, from the Mexican municipality of Tecomán, when he fell from a medium-height wave.

“The sea wasn’t giant. It was in the water. A series of waves came in, not big ones. It was the first day I surfed, because I hadn’t done it for a few days.. He got on the wave, there was something past, on his lip, and there he disappeared. It did not appear for three or four waves. They took him out of the water, gave him resuscitation, and the ambulance arrived about 20 minutes later. They did everything to him, but they couldn’t revive him, “explained one of the surfers who accompanied him, according to local media.

The news had a great impact on the atmosphere of a sport that had been feeling very good lately, after having been on the official program of the Olympic Games for the first time in Tokyo 2020.

“He was a very good swimmer, a big wave surfer, a lifeguard, obviously he must have suffered a blow. He was in the Argentine team of 94, a very good person, a divine, “explained Fernando Aguerre, from Mar del Plata, president of the International Surf Association.

Di Pace is presumed suffered a very strong blow against a rock or with his own board, which would have left him unconscious and adrift. It is still unknown if his death was the result of that impact, or due to asphyxia by immersion.

“Today is a very sad day for the entire surfing community of Mar del Plata and Argentina, Carlitos Di Pace went to other seas on a day of surfing in Mexico. He went surfing, which was what he was most passionate about in his life”, posted on social networks of the Argentine Surf Association.

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“Great person, friend, charismatic, committed to teaching surfing, and great value of national surfing with a great experience in all points of the world, great !!!”, they completed.

Di Pace was part of the Argentine National Team and was one of the pioneers of the movement to turn it into a world sport and push towards Olympism, since he was in several editions of the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard.


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