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A relief for Alonso

Un alivio para Alonso

The comeback of Alonso in Barcelona, ​​from 20th to 9th, he relieved the pressure on the Asturian and Alpine after five races with just two points. He now has four and is 15th, tied with Vettel. the team leader, Otmar Szafnauer, evaluates it positively: “A 12th and 20th (at the Montmeló grill) became seventh (Or with) and ninth (Alonso), They both drove well and Fernando added an engine to those already available. If he had started 17th, could he have finished later? I think not, so the engine change was a great move.”

About Fernando’s Sunday, with several advances for the gallery, as Szafnauer himself commented to AS: “His overtaking was good, no mistakes. Fernando had a great fight with Vettel. As the ‘main team’, when you fight and finish ahead you will always say that it was good. Also, I think it was fun. It was a satisfactory result. When we reviewed the strategy models, if we did a good job we were close to the result that we finally achieved.”

They dragged the elimination in Q1 of Alonso due to a misunderstanding at the time of starting the last lap that the North American leader specified: “Next time we will tell him the time he has to start the lap, he thought he had two seconds when he had 16 seconds. Did you misunderstand? No, because she didn’t get the message, although she could have asked. From now on, we will tell the time during the lap (of heating)“.

Evolutions and Monaco

As a pending issue, they have a drop in performance from Friday to Saturday that weighed down Ocon and Alonso on the grid. “There were differences between Friday and Saturday, we changed some things in the car and we lacked learning. I hope it doesn’t happen again. But we had a good racing car on Sunday,” says Szafnauer, who advocates continuing to work on the developments that are already underway: “We have collected a lot of data. New wings, new gearbox and a feedback different. In the next race we will have another improvement and then, soon, another one. It’s a development race this year.” At Monaco this weekend, “the Alpine’s one-lap pace has to be good.”

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