A referee targeted by a throwing cup, a football match stopped in the Netherlands

A football match was definitively interrupted this Saturday in the Netherlands, during the 30th day of the national championship. In question: a throwing cup that hit a line judge, according to the ANP agency. The incident happened in the 20th minute of play.

The game was still 0-0 when the linesman received a beer mug. The match was immediately stopped by the main referee and a few moments later the stewards found and arrested the man suspected of being the author of the throw.

More contact with spectators

After the facts, the main referee sounded the definitive end of the match. He thus complied with the new rules of the Dutch Football Association, which were recently tightened after an incident in March.

During the Cup semi-final between Feyenoord and Ajax, a player received a lighter on the head. Now, in the Netherlands, a match will be immediately stopped if a spectator touches a player or a referee.

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