A record on La Onda: in a single month more than 14,000 works are registered

For the first time in the history of the National Copyright Office (ONDA), more than 14,000 works were registered in a single month. The general director of ONDA, José Rubén Gonell Cosme highlighted that during the month of April, 1,274 Dominican authors took advantage of the grace granted and registered a total of 14,228 works.

Gonell Cosme emphasized that this record number represents a milestone for ONDA and stressed that the authors benefited financially, saving more than 9 million pesos thanks to the exoneration of the payment of the procedure. On average, each user saved approximately 7,654.05 pesos.

The director of ONDA said that this grace was granted following the will of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, who is committed to the fact that authors of all creative branches register their works to protect their moral and patrimonial rights, thus strengthening the Economy Orange.

Gonell Cosme also said that the initiative was supported by the request of the General Society of Dominican Music Authors, Composers and Publishers, Inc., which highlighted the economic difficulties faced by Dominican authors to register their creations.

The grace was in force from April 1 to 30, 2023 and was established by resolution number 005-2023 issued by the general director of ONDA.

According to the data provided by the official, of the 1,274 authors who took advantage of the grace, 997 registered at the ONDA headquarters, located in the National District, and registered a total of 11,883 works. The remaining 277 authors went to the North Regional branch in Santiago de los Caballeros, where 2,345 works were registered.

Regarding the categories of the registered works, the following trends were identified: 6,992 song lyrics and poems, 376 books and stories, 234 scripts for works, as well as scientific works, designs, architectural projects, software, web pages, artistic works , musical arrangements, drawings, photographs, paintings, sculptures and designs of crafts and jewelry.

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In relation to the gender of the authors, the report reveals that 79% of the records correspond to men, while 21% belong to women. Gonell Cosme was surprised that this imbalance is a pending challenge for the creative industry and assured that ONDA will continue working to encourage female participation in the registration of works. As part of this effort, grace for the female sector will be held during the month of May, coinciding with the celebration of Mother’s Day.

Regarding the delivery time of the records, the report highlights that the deadlines established during the grace period were met. ONDA has improved its certificate processing and delivery mechanisms, said Gonell Cosme.

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