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A record 18,000 accounts of Credit Suisse Bank have been leaked


After WikiLeaks, Panama and Pandora Papers, a record 18,000 Credit Suisse bank accounts were leaked.

Credit Suisse leaks reveal more than ارب 100 billion in accounts, including the accounts of several dictators, politicians and intelligence chiefs.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II is also mentioned in Swiss secrets. During his time there were 230 million Swiss francs in one account, a time when Jordan received billions of rupees in foreign aid.

Former Algerian Defense Minister Khaled Nezar’s two accounts were active until 2013, containing 16 1.6 million. The accounts were opened while war crimes investigations were under way.

The children of former Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev and former Uzbek President Islam Karimov also had Swiss accounts. These accounts were opened during the tenure of both the presidents.

In 1998, when Kazakhstan’s current president was foreign minister, his wife and son had ئس 1 million in Swiss accounts. This was at a time when many Kazakhs were living below the poverty line.

It has also been revealed that the President of Kazakhstan set up an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands, and also bought expensive houses in Geneva and Moscow.

Former Venezuelan intelligence chief Carlos Lewis, head of the Egyptian secret service, a German official and the richest man in Azerbaijan have been named.

The new leaks have been claimed by 46 media outlets, including the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

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