A “progressive dynamic” in relations between Paris and Algiers

President Tebboune welcomed an “excellent and successful visit” by his French counterpart to Algeria, assuring that it “allowed a rapprochement which would not have been possible without the very personality of President Macron”. According to the Algerian president, who spoke in French, the two countries will also “act together in many areas outside of Algeria and France”. “This merger will allow us to go very, very far. »

Tebboune mentioned the very high-level meeting which brought together the presidents and security services of both sides, including the army, in Algiers on Friday “for the first time since independence” from Algeria in 1962, announcing common actions “in the interest of our geopolitical environment”. To “enhance their political consultations”, Paris and Algiers will set up a “High Council for Cooperation” at the level of Heads of State, in order “to deepen in a spirit of mutual trust and respect, appropriate responses to bilateral, regional and international affairs”, provides for the Algiers Declaration.

According to the statement, this “new privileged partnership” has “become a requirement dictated by the rise of uncertainties and the exacerbation of regional and international tensions”.

A common vision

“It provides a framework for designing a common vision and a closely concerted approach to face new global challenges (global and regional crises, climate change, preservation of biodiversity, digital revolution, health…)”, says the Declaration.

For Macron, the Algiers Declaration will make it possible to ensure that “intimacy is strengthened by having a permanent dialogue on all subjects. Including the subjects that prevented us from moving forward, because they kept coming back, memory for example”.

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The memorial question around French colonization (1830-1962) caused a serious quarrel between the two countries last fall. The joint commission of historians decided during Macron’s visit to iron out dissension and “courageously” face the past, in the words of the French president, “could be installed within 15 to 20 days,” Tebboune announced.

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