Home World A Polish-American policeman helps out Lech Walesa on the highway

A Polish-American policeman helps out Lech Walesa on the highway

A Polish-American policeman helps out Lech Walesa on the highway

Extraordinary coincidence. On a highway in Connecticut, an American policeman of Polish origin fell on… the former Polish president and icon of freedom Lech Walesa, who broke down in his car with a flat tire, local police explained on Thursday.

They talked about “the history of Poland”

The day before, the “State Police Troopers” of Connecticut, in the northeastern United States, had been called to a vehicle stopped on the Interstate 84 freeway in Tolland, said the police on their Facebook page, since making the delights of the local American press. Upon their arrival, the police “were greeted by the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and first president elected by popular vote in Poland, Lech Walesa”, greeted the agents by distributing a photo of the ex-chief of State, legendary white mustache, blue sweater and pants, sitting in a car and warmly shaking hands with the agent, all smiles.

This policeman, Lukasz Lipert, born in Poland, was “more than grateful for the opportunity offered to help such an influential personality and to briefly discuss with him the history of Poland”, welcomed the police on Facebook .

In the United States to “promote the cause of Ukrainian refugees”

According to local media, Constable Lipert, 35, has lived and worked in the United States since he was 18 and spoke to Lech Walesa, in Polish, about their country and the anti-communist movement that the ex-trade unionist helped lead.

An icon of freedom in Poland, Lech Walesa, historic leader of the Solidarity trade union, was the first democratically elected president of post-communist Poland (1990-1995). The 78-year-old is visiting the northeastern United States to “promote the cause of Ukrainian refugees who have fled to Poland and meet with (the international NGO) World Affairs Council of Connecticut and the office of the governor ( Democrat) Ned Lamont,” according to Connecticut police.

The northeast of the United States has millions of Poles, Ukrainians and Americans of origin from these two Eastern European countries, particularly visible since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February.



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