A player of the Lions, serious after falling from a building

The victory that the rugby team won this Saturday in the Six Nations B against the Netherlands, essential to maintain its aspirations to play the World Cup in 2024, has had a bitter reverse. The Federation reported this Sunday through its social networks the hospitalization of Kawa Leauma, a player who entered the expedition for the match but was finally discarded for the final call due to doubts about his eligibility.

The statement claimed that the player suffered “a fortuitous accident” in Amsterdam. AS learned later from federation sources that several players went after the game to a venue that sponsors the Dutch federation. There Leauma rushed from an area that faced the outside, although for now more details of the event are unknown. The fall caused serious injuries, including a blow to the head for which he had to undergo surgery, and he remains under observation at a city hospital accompanied by the Lions manager and an FER official who traveled there when they had news of the event.

According to the Federation, the family has already been notified and is trying to travel to the Netherlands. Leauma’s wife, who has her roots in New Zealand although she already fell within the parameters of World Rugby to be able to represent Spain, will travel from the oceanic country. The FER asks “respect” for a matter that it considers “extra-sporty” and ensures that it will continue to report as news of the player’s health status becomes available, that arrived at the AMPO Ordizia de DivisiĆ³n de Honor in 2018.

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