A woman in Canada narrowly escaped when a piece of meteor ripped through the roof of her house and fell straight on her pillow. The woman woke up in a panic due to the loud noise.

The incident took place in the Canadian province of British Columbia. A woman named Rath Hamilton said she was sobbing at night when she heard a loud noise and felt an earthquake in her bed.

He immediately got up and turned on the light and found a large piece of stone on the pillow next to his head.

The woman immediately called 911 from where a police officer came to her house. Initially, the police officer believed that the stone came from a nearby construction site. He called the site and was told that a loud flash of light and an explosion had been heard in the sky.

It soon became clear that it was a piece of meteor that broke the roof of the woman’s house and fell straight on her pillow in her room. Fortunately, the woman was safe.

The woman says the insurance company will soon assess the damage to her home and repair it.



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