Home World A passenger arriving in India from Dubai is diagnosed with Omi Kron

A passenger arriving in India from Dubai is diagnosed with Omi Kron

MUMBAI: A citizen arriving in India from South Africa via Dubai has been diagnosed with the Omi Crown virus, bringing the number of new cases in India to four.

According to Indian media reports, the citizen from Maharashtra had reached Delhi from South Africa via Dubai and then Mumbai.

When the passenger was tested at the airport, he was diagnosed with corona. The health minister said the passenger had no symptoms and had not received a single dose of the corona vaccine.

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The Maharashtra health department did not identify the 33-year-old victim but said he was a resident of Kalyan Dombivali municipality in Mumbai.

After this case, the number of reported cases of Omi Crown in India has reached 4 while this is the first case reported in Maharashtra.

The 33-year-old local passenger had reached Mumbai on November 24 from Dubai and Delhi after the Health Department. After the passenger was diagnosed with Omi Kron, 25 other passengers were also tested and reported to be negative.




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